URDT Schools offers an integrated curriculum catering for both examinable and non-examinable subjects and is designed to offer education for liberation and creativity for self-reliance. Emphasis is on behavior that reflects leadership and wisdom including integrity, emotional intelligence, desire to learn and explore ones’ talents, envisioning, analysis and planning.

URDT Schools develops young people to challenging situations of life outside school. Our academic program is designed to sequentially develop to think outside the box through critical thinking and reflection..

URDT Schools offers subjects of the National Curriculum of Uganda and Non-academic curriculum that enhance life skills by providing Training in Leadership, Commercial farming, Entrepreneurship, collaborative relationships, Information Technologies, Arts and Crafts, Debates, Music Dance and Drama and Counselling so as to develop an all-round person capable to deal with the ever-changing world at all levels.

We believe that democratization starts at home. In a functionally illiterate household, and that is where our Students come from, a literate child at any stage in the continuum of education is a change maker. For example, (s)he can explain how to prevent diseases, read and explain written instructions for improved agronomic practices for income generation and as such, offer the much-needed leadership in improving the situation in her home.

Bellow are the Subjects Taught at URDT Schools in all levels

Primary LevelO LevelA Level
English LanguageEnglish LanguageLiterature
Social Studies
(Geography, History,
Civic and Religious
Basic Science and
Health education
Computer StudiesSubsidiary ICT
Fine ArtFine Art
KiswahiliGeneral Paper
Food ProcessingFood Processing
Art and craftArt and craft
Physical EducationPhysical Education
Music Dance and DramaMusic Dance and Drama
Religious EducationReligious Education