Kagadi’s best UCE student aspires to become a Rural Transformation Specialis

Grace Mbabazi, the best 2022 UCE candidate for Kagadi District is from a humble back ground in Kakumiro District. A student at URDT Girls Secondary School who scored aggregate 13 in UCE aspires to become a rural transformation specialist after graduating from African Rural University.

Mbabazi also scored 10 Aggregates at PLE and attributes her continuous success to discipline, hard work, effective research, guidance and commitment of URDT Girls School staff.

She thanked Dr. Mwalimu Musheshe the Board Chairman URDT for enabling her parents to be awakened by initiating the 2-generations approach which is implemented through back home projects that include; income generating projects (farming as a business), water, sanitation and health which supported her parents to generate income. The income generated enabled her parents to educate other children and to take care of her school requirements.

She also attributes her excellence to the tablets that URDT Girls School provided them with during COVID 19 lockdown which enabled E-learning while at Home and also encouraged team work amongst the learners together with their teachers.

Rwatoro Yafesi, Mbabazi’s father commended the Uganda Rural Development and Training Program URDT for supporting children from poor families. He is a resident of Kaigurumba Village in Narweyo Sub-County, Kakumiro District. He expressed happiness during his visit together with his daughter at URDT Girls Secondary School in Kagadi District on 11th February 2023. “If it was not URDT that offered my daughter Grace Mbabazi free Education she, would not have met her great success in education. I thank Dr. Mwalimu Musheshe and URDT Girls School staff for a great work in transforming the community”. Rwatoro said.

Mbabazi and her father in a joyous mood
Students join Mbabazi in cerebrations

Meanwhile Mr. Robert Katabazi, the Director of Education and Training at URDT attributed the excellent performance of URDT Girls school to discipline, hard work and vision of students. He said URDT trains students not only on academic knowledge but also hands on skills to be self-reliant.

Janet Nyamahunge, the Deputy Headteacher URDT Girls School said that Mbabazi Grace was the best student in UCE in Kagadi District because of her unique behavior characterized by discipline, hard work and commitment to her studies.

Patient Akampulira, a former student and now a headteacher primary section said that Mbabazi Grace was disciplined and did not despise any work at school and home especially on back home projects. Patience also thanked the founder of URDT and Vice Chancellor of African Rural University, Dr. Mwalimu Musheshe for enabling disadvantaged children in rural areas to access education.

URDT Girls School got 3 first grades, 11 second grades, 7 third grades and 1candidate in fourth grade. No student failed exams.

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