URDT Girls School is one of the competent schools that train chess.  Chess program was introduced at URDT Girls School during the visit of Phiona Mutesi a.k.a queen of Katwe and her coach Mr. Robert Katende “SOM” chess academy on the URDT campus in August 2017.

This today serves approximately 450-500 students from URDT Girls School, two URDT Community schools (Tijhar community school Nkondo and URDT Community school Kanywamiyaga), URDT institute and African Rural University. The project is in operation with a coherent set of activities like trainings and competitions aimed at achieving clearly defined objectives, with planned tangible results for a set timeframe, which needs to use defined means and resources within the prescribed budget.

During the training participants are expected to learn new thinking techniques, understand the major principles of the game and after monitoring and evaluation is done during competitions

The school offers complete education taking a tripolar dimension consisting of cognitive (Knowledge), affective (Morals) and psychomotor (Skills/Muscle/P.E)

However, URDT schools believes that physical exercises done in such games and sports impact to life of our child/student. This is why a true URDT student at least takes part in but not limited to:

  • Jogging
  • Road-run
  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Netball
  • Chess

Credit goes to the Board of Directors for prioritizing sports, providing playing kits, boots, balls, paying the coaching staff and the facilitations on travels.


The school has been participating in various competitions at various levels. The school has participated twice in National competitions and has also participated once in the Annual SOM chess tournament in Mityana URDT girls school team took the 8th position in under 20 and the 9th position in under 16 out of 11 teams and also the 8th position in under 14 out of 11 teams in 2018 National schools chess championship and 6 medals were won; 5 bronze medals and 1 silver medal from different boards

 URDT Girls School primary team became the 2019 Nation Chess champion and the secondary team was the 4th out of 15 schools. 12 medals were won; 6 gold medals, 3 silver medals and 2 bronze medals for primary teams and 1 golden medal to coach for being the best coach Chess has also assisted students to improve on their discipline, be good managers as per the rules of chess and academically excel since it improves their reading skills and concentration