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An orientation workshop for all staff of URDT schools (URDT Girls School, URDT Community school Kanywamiyaga and Tijhaar Community School Nkondo) was held for three days that is from 11th – 13th February 2022. The purpose of the workshop was; “:to deepen understanding of the values and mission of the URDT Schools and related staff roles and responsibilities for 2022.

Teachers in groups developing Structural Tension Charts (STCs) for their curriculum activities

Number of staff were exposed and enlightened about the Uniqueness of URDT and its schools, which included the URDT values, virtues and principles.  They also learnt the URDT mission, visionary approach and the 2- Generations Approach. Their roles and responsibilities as staff in home and community development were clarified. Each staff prepared Structural Tension Chart for the year 2022. Team learning and commitment was enhanced at intra and interschool level.

Participants toured around the URDT campus where they visited different places like KKCR, URDT demonstration farm including vegetable gardens, ARU and URDT GS banana plantations, fish pond, poultry unit, coffee plantation, green house and banana plantation, the home stead vision 2035 and       Mini – Estate Processing Enterprise (MEPE.)

URDT was founded to offer a development programme that is a merger of truly functional education and training with rural development interventions, with the intent of empowering marginalized people living in rural communities.
The mission of URDT is: Click here

URDT’S path ways

URDT has developed path ways through: i) Individuals; ii) URDT education institutions (Institute, Girls School and Community Schools); iii) its Community Radio (KKCR 91.7) and iv) more recent, the African Rural University (ARU) which is now an independent, but close partner of URDT. Through ARU the URDT methodology is now taught at university level. This way, we can create more visionary leaders who master the principles of creating, systems thinking and sustainable development. URDT also manages a community radio station to raise consciousness, shift mindsets and generates commitment to fundamental change in thinking and action developed capacity of non-state actors and local government for greater impact.


Right from its inception URDT recognized the interconnectedness between different development disciplines to bring about well-being of the people of Uganda. It designed an integrated rural development programme with the purpose of enable the people of Uganda in general and those of Bunyoro in particular to create for themselves PEACE, PROSPERITY, HEALTH, FREEDOM AND HAPPINESS.

URDT has 6 out comes based on its mission and the general national development framework:

  1. Increased social and human capital (masteries of the principles of creating, systems thinking and sustainable development and technical knowhow) for higher per capita productivity.
  2. Households have sustainable sources of income
  3. Democratic practices and good governance increased
  4. Communities live peacefully according to the principles of a learning community
  5. Households practice prudent primary health care principles
  6. URDT functions as a true learning organization, structured and resourced to encourage innovation and creativity in rural transformation.

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