The school was established in 2003 by a committed member of the Nkondo community. Sadly the founder passed away and the school had to close in 2005 due to managerial and financial problems. In 2005, thanks to the stamina of the students who remained teaching each other.  After a year, the students heard on the URDT radio that education is a right for each child. Hence they mobilized their parents and local leaders to ask URDT to support the school. URDT accepted on condition of a close partnership between the NGO and the community to manage the school. It was agreed upon to use the model of the URDT Girls’ School to gradually become a 2-generations school that teaches, students and parents and promotes the visionary approach – Mastery of the Creative Life Orientation, Mastery of System Thinking and the Mastery of Sustainable Development.

it educates 130 students from Secondary 1 to Secondary 4 (O-level).


To provide talented and disadvantaged Boys and girls in Greater Kibaale District and their homes with transformational and value based education that shapes character and personality and imparts knowledge and skills and creates excellence, prosperity, peace, health, freedom and happiness


Creating a critical mass of future leaders who have competences to develop enterprising rural home and the desire to empower other girls and women to develop prosperity, peace, freedom, health and happiness.

The school aims at academic excellence and functional literacy of the pupils and their parents. Therefore, besides the compulsory curriculum endorsed by the Ministry of Education and Sports, the school is developing a skills-based co-curriculum that aims at improving the standard of living in the students’ homes through mastery of the principles of the creative process (visionary life orientation) and developing understanding of the mastery of sustainable development and systems thinking.

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Main Campus located Nkondo Treading Center, Bwanswa Sub County, P.o Box 502 Kakumiro-Kibaale District