This school was started by a community member who desired to see community children accessing education. However in 2008, he could not run the school any more as the parent were to poor to pay for good educational standards.In 2008 URDT got a request to manage the school while the parents were part of the school management committee.

UCSK uses 2 Generations approach that links education to development whereby the students and their parents / guardians learn together, develop a shared vision for their home, apply systems thinking, and plan for actionable steps together to create the life they want. This is the second primary mixed day school of URDT schools from Primary One to Seven.Aim:

the School’s Vision is Creating a critical mass of change of leaders who have competencies to develop enterprising rural homes and the desire to empower girls and boys to create prosperity, peace, freedom, health and happiness for all

The school’s mission is To provide talented and disadvantaged girls and boys in Kagadi district and their homes with transformational and value based education that shapes character and personality and imparts knowledge and skills to create excellence, prosperity, peace, health, freedom and happiness.

The school aims at academic excellence and functional literacy of the pupils and their parents. Therefore, besides the compulsory curriculum, the school is developing a skills-based co-curriculum that aims at improving the standard of living in the pupils’ homes.

On annual basis it educates 150 students from Primary 1 to Primary 7.

Games and Sports Activities

Like any other schools, UCSK Participates in all games. Pupils are trained and prepared for Centre competitions for both kid’s athletics and football games. The Centre selects the best performers for county competitions that also choose for the district and up to the national. UCSK has been getting at least 2 candidates that reach up to the national team in kids athletic. Pupils gain skills like the interactions with one another at school levels, development of dribbling skills, ball protection, catching, throwing, and scoring skills in games, running and jumping. This improves on their physical fitness.

Music Dance and Drama

Music Dance and Drama is one of the co-curricular activities at UCSK designed to equip the students with practical skills and knowledge to contribute to the social economic status of the girls and their homes. They are trained in reciting poems, acting skits & role plays, composing traditional songs, original composition, and drama and playing musical instruments like drums and rattles. This knowledge is practiced in edutainment and popular theatre conducted annually.