Uganda Rural Development and Training Institute entrepreneurs join the rest of the Mastercard Foundation partners on 10th March,2023 at Lugogo, Uganda Manufactures Association (UMA) Multipurpose Hall in Kampala to celebrate the International Women’s Day Katale an annual event for women organised by Private Sector Foundation Uganda.

URDT-I graduates including Biira Jamidah 25 years a bee keeper, Nyamusana Sophia 32years a tailor and Nowee Janet 22 years a refugee, crafts and shoe maker joined other exhibitors in the event and were able to earn Ugx. 75,000, 35,000 and 23,000 respectively. These are business women trained by URDT Institute (URDT-I) from Ntoroko, Kikuube and Kiryandongo districts representing the Tourism and Agriculture sectors.

Sophia Nyamusana, applauded URDT-I for having selected her to participate in the katale. “I am excited being at a new place and I am overwhelmed for this learning tour. I have gained knowledge on effective marketing of my business whereby I am going to procure business cards and a poster for my business. Have learnt more skills because I have elastic threads at home which have been idle for a long period. I have observed keenly and I am going to start making bags out them for sale which is another source of income. I have also acquired profitable friends with whom I shared contacts’’.

URDT-I arranging their products
A client signing in the visitor’s book

Nansimbi Mary Gorret an African Rural University (ARU) graduate and also a rural transformation specialist in Kikuube District is grateful to URDT-I management for having selected her district to participate in the event and she is extremely impressed by PSFU for such an arrangement. ‘’I have never been exposed to this. It has awakened the sleeping genius in me. I have got the opportunity to interact with various partners of Mastercard Foundation and I have realised we have a lot to do to see our graduates lifted to a standardised level basing on the Katale experience. ’’ Nansimbi Said.

Participants at URDT-I stall at UMA Multipurpose Hall in Lugogo on the 10-03-2023.

Stephen Asiimwe, the executive Director, PSFU commended his team for the excellent organisation of the market. ’’This women’s katale is an initiative by Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) organised not only to celebrate the women but also make them call to action by getting into the business, production, meaningful engagement and being brought together to celebrate their achievements. This has been the second edition with a total of 200 exhibitors. This initiative is supported by the MasterCard Foundation through Young Africa Works strategy’’. Stephen said.

Hon.Hajjat Misi Kabanda chief guest on arrival
Adrian Bukenya extreme right, Chief guest, Sarah Kajingo and Stephen at the official opening of the event

Reflecting on the theme of the day, ‘’Private Sector Led entrepreneurship innovations for women and Girls’’. Adrian Bukenya, the Country Director Mastercard Foundation emphasised the role of innovational technology in promoting gender equality and meeting the health and development needs of young women and girls.

‘’Young women and Girls are at a risk of falling behind development. Therefore, bridging gender digital gaps will enable them to participate and thrive in an increasingly digital world with pride and confidence. Technology connects young women to employment opportunities, financial services including mobile money, business support services, education and health services.’’ Adrian said.

Partners in the ecosystem that participated in the International Women’s Katale season II

Katale is going to be part of our day to day lives so as young women deliver their potential. This reflects on the progress made towards gender equity, call for change and the tremendous effort by women and girls and Mastercard Foundation celebrates the innovation and entrepreneurship of all women and young people especially girls as they deliver their potential. Adrian added.

Other participants showcasing at the International Women’s Day Katale season II at UMA multipurpose hall

The chief guest Hon. Hajjat Misi Kabanda the cabinet minister of Kampala Capital City and Metropolitan Affairs encouraged all the partners to train young people in languages they understand for impactful delivery and has promised to work with all stakeholders to improve the business economy for women. ’Let’s work together to create an environment to enable women benefit and reach their potential. ‘’Kabanda said.

The women’s Day Katale season II was held on 10th and 11th March 2023 where very many stakeholders and exhibitors from Kampala and up country were involved.

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