Uganda Rural Development and Training Institute (URDT-I) is a vocational training institution based in Kagadi District. It was established in 1993 to deliver vocational skills and youth leadership development using a Visionary Approach to training that leads to a critical mass of all-round male and female young entrepreneurs who have integrity and the capacity to improve their economic situation, become responsible citizens, and contribute to the national development agenda. The institute is registered with the Ministry of Education and Sports as a Vocational Training Institution.

URDT’s overall strategy is to create a critical mass of visionary change makers who apply the principles of creating and entrepreneurship in their life, work and positions of leadership. The Institute began by offering short courses certified by Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT) and Uganda Business and Technical Education Board (UBTEB). In 2020, URDT-I leadership took a  strategic decision to focus on the Young Africa Works program  training concept as a spring board for future trainings that easily transition young people to the job market.

The URDT Institute overall riding philosophy, mission and vision are based on the foundation of the mother institution Uganda Rural Development and Training Programme (URDT) presented below;


URDT-I believes in a visionary approach using a creative process. According to the philosophy:

  1. Using the creative rather than the responsive orientation in the development process can bring about lasting change. In the latter, people react or adapt to circumstances. Often, the level of emotions determine action. On the other hand, in the creative orientation, the aspirations or visions one holds are the motivating force behind change; young people create their own circumstances through consciously taking action to realize that which truly matters to them.
  2. In the context of popular participation, URDT-I mobilizes young people at the individual or collective levels to look at what they want to create for themselves, analyze the processes, think through the processes which will enable them to attain their goals, and commit themselves to work together irrespective of their differences and evaluate the impact of their actions.


A center for transformation, excellence and development that integrates skills and knowledge which enhance professionalism


To provide rural people with mental tools and practical skills needed to become productive members of their communities and fulfill their aspirations.


URDT’s development interventions are based on the following premises:

  1. Respecting Life.
  2. Health
  3. Freedom
  4. Peace.
  5. Creating and adjusting change
  6. Being true to oneself and others.
  7. Being creators
  8. Justice
  9. Starting from where the people are and building on that
  10. Eliciting peoples’ own abilities and commitment to service.
  1. The people of Uganda, like all people of the world, are a key to their own development.
  2. People have innate power and wisdom which they can tap to transform the quality of their life and that of their communities.
  3. Lasting change comes only as people shift from reacting to circumstances to being creators of their own desired circumstances.
  4. Training, education and information sharing are integral components in development as gained knowledge allows people to meet their exigencies of rural life.
  5. People with common vision can transcend traditional barriers caused by tribal, religious, gender and political differences and work together to achieve their common goals.

Partners and URDT Institute are two sides of the same coin. Both are needed in order to enable positive, sustainable change within the communities that we are tasked to serve. As a result, over a million rural farmers and their families benefit from the generosity of our friends and supporters. URDT has the privilege to work with renown local and international partners. We gratefully acknowledge the support of the many individuals and organizations who make our work possible.

Our current partners are:

Local organizations

  1. African Rural University (ARU)
  2. Ashoka Uganda
  3. Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom
  4. Charity for Rural Development (CHAFORD)
  5. Cross-Cultural Foundation Uganda (CCFU)
  6. Development Network of Indigenous Voluntary Associations (DENIVA)
  7. FAWE-Uganda
  8. Girls Education Movement – Uganda (GEM)
  9. Kibaale Civil Society Network (KCSON)
  10. Makerere Institute of Social Research/ International Development Research Center
  11. Makerere University Faculty of Agriculture and Institute of Adult and Continuing Education
  12. Makerere University Institute of Social Research (MISR)
  13. Landesa, before Rural Development Institute
  14. Ministry of Agricultural
  15. Ministry of Education and Sports
  16. Local Council and District Leaders
  17. National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS)
  18. National NGO Forum
  19. Straight Talk Foundation
  20. World Vision Uganda

International Organizations and Projects

  1. Young African Works
  2. Carnegie Social Initiative
  3. Social Initiative – Nordic Capital
  4. Social Initiative Educate Girls